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15 Penis Temple In The World | 15 Places Where Penis Is ...

Phallus adoration has been going on for centuries and all around the world people celebrate and worship the penis even to this day.

5 Inspiring Religions That Worship Penises | Cracked.com

When they reach the Tagata Jinja shrine, they spin the giant cock around in circles over their heads, threatening all around with 360 degrees of mega penetration. At about 4PM they place the cock in its new home, and pray for a fruitful year. And while you're at the Tagata Jinja Shrine, don't forget to rub the sacred balls for good luck:

A Call to Phallic Ecumenism – The Phallic Brotherhood

Worship involves the reverence and prayer to COCK during sexual activity. This, in turn, provides pleasure given to us by GOD himself. Some level of exposure to semen and or piss will often be involved in worship., as these are considered holy secretions of our GOD.

Honor, Worship, and Obey – The Phallic Brotherhood

May this vision cum to pass, Oh Cock my Savior! Found prayer: A Church of Cock Liturgy. Prayer to Penis (from Bateworld) Prayer to Phallos, Our Father and Creator. Brothers, approach and bathe me. Twilight. Newcomer to the Garden of Cock – Final Part. Love yourself.

Muscle Worship: Learn About Men Adorning Brawny Guys

Gay muscle worship is no different than any other form of muscle worship. The clinical name of this activity is sthenolagnia : a ten-dollar term for getting aroused by a person’s muscles. Specific to men who are attracted to other men, we define muscle worship as a male who gets turned on by well-built jocks, wolves, daddies , otters and bears!

Church of Female Submission

1 We worship Father Cock, the Supreme Being and ruler of the universe. 2 We recognise and worship no other God besides Father Cock. 3 His life-giving sperm created the universe. 4 Father Cock created Man in His image and gave Him a Cock as a visible sign of His Lordship over the Earth as Vice-regent on His behalf

Montreal's Penis Temple Dedicated To Every Member (NSFW ...

"Men have sought ways to make it larger. Across 14 countries, featuring interviews with more than 40 experts, ‘The Dickumentary’ tries to answer some of the greatest questions of our time, like: What happened to Jesus’ foreskin? Why do Hindus worship Shiva’s lingam? And, does size really matter?

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in Wrestling, Worship Infuriated by Grant's underhanded tactics, Max unleashes the beast! With a crazed look in his eyes, the massive musclegod goes on a rampage of destruction. Pummeling Grant with bearhugs, backbreakers, a camel clutch, elbow drops and relentless boot stomps... 1,192 views

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Satanic Prayers for Devotion And Worship - Spiritual Satanism

Prayers for Satan Satanic Prayer as a Spiritual Tool. Here are some prayers for Satan for you to use in your time of need. This essay is for those who want to develop a spiritual relationship with Satan through the devotional act of prayer.